Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Costa Rica Trip[youtube]

Special thank you to Manuel for letting us stay at Villa el Tucan in Costa Rica




Ophélie Charton4 weeks ago
c'est vrmt cool de vous revoir ensemble!
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 Sun Green 
Sun Green4 weeks ago
I'm studying french in my school but I still can't understand the comments whyyyyyy god?? ppl write in spanish or english:((
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 Sun Green 
Sun Green2 weeks ago
jaja soy mexicana! igual hablo español. saludos ^^
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 Christhian Rojas 
Christhian Rojas1 week ago
Jajaja genial! Saludos! <3
 Rich Quebas 
Rich Quebas21 hours ago
Should of been titled- "What my ass looks like in Costa Rica"...
Shoutimi4 weeks ago
Son chum a vraiment dla chance de l'avoir vu comment elle a un beau corps :3
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Shoutimi4 weeks ago
tg toi d'ou tu la connais ?
Nadeau4 weeks ago
+FalcoMC - Concours Je connais tout x)
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europeanvibes3 weeks ago
keep doing these traveling lifestyle type of videos its awesome!!!
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TIGIY444 weeks ago
more of it!

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