Tuesday, 4 October 2016

San Jose Downtown Costa Rica [youtube]

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica. One thing which really stroke me was that it was really impossible to find a good restaurant there... Even Paying a 100$ for 2 Persons which is quite a bit considering the low wages there....

Luis V8 months ago
good restaurant . GO HOME GRINGO TO KFC .
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polifatts2 weeks ago
Go fuck yourself bitch. Im a "gringo" and I laugh at you pussy Ticos because you can't even handle spicy food. The food in Costa Rica sucks.
 Paulo Gutierrez 
Paulo Gutierrez3 days ago
polifatts Jajaja sigue aprendiendo inglés nica mal nacido. Que aunque te creas gringo siempre tendrás cara de simio orangután de porqueria. Son una raza que nacieron para ser obreros de mierda.
Bfr74vz1 week ago
The drivers seemed much more civilized than the drivers in the Dominican, you take your life into your hands when you drive in the DR
 Random Record 
Random Record1 month ago
Min 1:00 Hermanos ticos, no se dejen. No permitan que tomen la servidumbre. Eso nos pasó en un área de Panamá y ahora es un lío sacarlos a todos de la vía publica.

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